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Learn how to use less and save more.
Top 5 ways you can create sustainable, conscious living.

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Reduce, reuse and recycle.
Inspire employees through a joyful work space and provide tips for daily sustainable living.

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Did you know?


Spend as little as $30 to save $300 a year with a reusable A/C filter. Not only do you save on energy costs, you reduce landfill waste.


Starbucks will eliminate straws globally in the next 2 years, drastically reducing the 500 million straws used daily in the U.S. You can do the same by providing paper instead of plastic with all disposable items.


Strategically placed recycling bins reduces waste by 90%. Encourage employees to think before they toss to create positive, sustainable change.

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Sustainable Practices You Can Do Right Now

Simple Practices to Save Energy and Save the Planet

Save $300 a year in energy and purchasing costs
Lifetime air filters are $29.99

Save over 30% in energy costs  Duel digital timers are $12.99

Create non-toxic, cleaner living spaces with recycled insulation These denim products are inexpensive alternatives to fiberglass.

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Don’t “greenwash”

Increase awareness with marketing materials

Assistance with accreditation process

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Create Change to Sustain with Your Personal Eco-Coach

Ellen Marchman, Founder

Ellen Marchman’s expertise runs deep with luxe hospitality and wellness clientele, with over 20 years delivering eco-conscious solutions to create differently, build differently and incorporate sustainable living into home and office life.

Marchman has been an integrative team member with sustainable-minded business including Whole Foods Market, Kimpton Hotels, The Palms Hotel & Spa, Exhale MindBody Spa, Modern OM, Vita Coco and WTMLN WTR. She also consults for international wellness / yoga retreats to educate guests on sustainable mindful practices. Her passion for community extends to non-profit programs and supporting the arts. Ellen received the lifetime achievement of “Women in Excellence” award from the National Association of Professional & Executive Women.

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“Create to Sustain” with your personal Eco-Specialist, including Q&A chats, tailored solutions and directory of vetted vendors to kick-start your journey to sustainability

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Leave it to us

Includes personal site visit with Eco-Expert, Q&A chats, implementation of tailored programming providing floor to ceiling solutions to create, build and live sustainably

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