Simple Practices to Save Energy and Save the Planet at Home

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Simple Practices to Save Energy and Save the Planet at Home

Save $300 a year in energy and purchasing costs | Lifetime air filters are $29.99 ++

We love the electrostatic and washable filters to replace fiberglass. These smart purchasing practices are friendly to the environment and your bank account.

Save over 30% in energy costs | Duel digital timers are $12.99 ++

This leading product has a back-up battery to keep lights running even with a power outage, and a “random vacation mode” to protect your home when traveling. Buy 2 and use for exterior lighting to increase savings.

Create non-toxic, cleaner living spaces with recycled insulation | These denim products are inexpensive alternatives to fiberglass.

Not only eco-friendly alternatives, but the majority are free of formaldehyde, glue and toxic propellants. Use your smart purchasing power to create environmentally friendly solutions to stay warm and cool year-round.

Even your pooch can save the planet for under $15.00 |My Alpha Pet dog waste bags are compostable and 100% biodegradable. Made of cornstarch, the bags are durable and scented. Choices from lavender, rose and lemongrass smell true to its name and make clean up easier on the nose.

These 3 settings can save you 20% in energy costs!

-Set dishwasher to “air dry” from “heat dry” to increase energy savings

-Wash clothes in cool or cold setting to reduce water and heating costs

-Dry clothes in medium setting to reduce energy costs and prolong quality of garments