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It’s about Reduce and Reuse, Recycling is Over!

A recent article from The New York Times raised the alarm about the collapse of the waste management system in the U.S.  Did you know China stopped accepting plastic from the States? Now it’s up to domestic companies who are finding it too pricey and canceling city-wide programs.  What does that mean?  The majority of recycling…
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National Yoga Month at Exhale Bal Harbour

Ground + Connect with Tamara Kenigsberg $28 | Complimentary for members 6 to 8 pm Join Exhale teacher, Tamara Kenigsberg, on Thursday, September 13, for an evening of grounding and connection in celebration of National Yoga Month. Enjoy a poolside Flow Yoga class with live music by DJ Mack from 6:30 – 7:30 pm. Each…
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Ellen Marchman, Founder of Create to Sustain, on VoyageMIA

Create to Sustain’s founder, Ellen Marchman, talks business on VoyageMIA.  

Coppola Winery’s Dedication to Sustainable Winemaking

Francis Ford Coppola, known as the director of “The Godfather” film series, also plays the role of winemaker. His vision was to create a winery that celebrates the love of life while preserving the land for future generations. For over 40 years, the Coppola family has implemented environmentally responsible practices into the vineyards and winemaking…
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Simple Practices to Save Energy and Save the Planet at Home

Save $300 a year in energy and purchasing costs | Lifetime air filters are $29.99 ++ We love the electrostatic and washable filters to replace fiberglass. These smart purchasing practices are friendly to the environment and your bank account. Save over 30% in energy costs | Duel digital timers are $12.99 ++ This leading product…
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Get to Know Matt “Dickie” Dickinson

I had the great fortune of meeting Dickie in Nicaragua over 4 years ago.  The co-founder and creative director of Maderas Village, Dickie lured me up the hill from San Juan del Sur in what would be a life-changing experience, all in 48-hours. Dickie’s passion and zest for life have morphed into clear, tangible ideas…
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