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How Marriott Brings Sustainability To Its Global Chain

Nearly every hotel has them: Small, single-use toiletry bottles filled with shampoo, bath gel, and hair conditioner. Multiply those small bottles across 7,000 hotels across 132 countries and it adds up to over 1.7 million pounds of plastic in landfills, from one global property alone. In a recent article, Forbes Magazine highlights the Marriott “Serve…
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How Hoteliers in Bali Are Improving the Eco-Resort

A recent article from Departures Magazine highlighted the forward-looking hoteliers in Bali, that are pushing the eco-resort to its ultimate potential. The island is currently dealing with an over-tourism problem that has, in turn, created a water and waste crisis, is also home to a community of sustainability-minded designers and hoteliers who have come together…
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