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How do you want to save?


Simple Practices to Save Energy and Save the Planet

We are the intersection of commerce and consciousness

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Our favorite eco-friendly products

lifetime air filters


  • Save $300 a year with lower energy costs and no need for replacement filters
  • Feel good about not buying fiberglass
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Digital times


  • Save energy and protect your home with interior / exterior timers
  • Our favorite brands have back up battery to keep the lights on even during power outages
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Cornstarch products


  • My Alpha Pet cornstarch waste bags
  • Both compostable and biodegradable, and freshly scented making clean up easier on the nose
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eco-friendly insulation


  • Denim is taking the lead in alternatives to fiberglass
  • Free of formaldehyde, glue and toxic propellants
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New Opportunities to go Green

Sustainable Practices Motivate Staff!
Statistics show eco-conscious education promotes
 “can-do” mentality

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These simple solutions create a happy workplace

Recycle Bins

  • Inspire staff to do more than just recycle plastic
  • Offer compost along with recycling paper, plastic and glass
  • Contract with local service for pick up and benefit local parks
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Reduce paper Waste

  • Cut waste in half with inexpensive shredders
  • Cut paper use in half with 2-sided print options
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No more single use plastic

  • Simple water filtration systems encourage refillable bottles
  • Use wood or bamboo for coffee stirrers
  • Provide compostable flatware and plates
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save energy

  • Motion-sensored office lights reduce energy costs by 50%
  • Elevate creativity with well-destributed, infused light
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Unilever reveals that its most sustainable brands grew 46% faster than the rest of the business and delivered 70% of its turnover growth

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Deliver sophistication to sustainability


  • Increase guest loyalty with inspiring marketing materials
  • We can help with that!
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  • Train employees on green practices
  • We can help with that!
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  • Gain green certifications to increase revenue
  • We can help with that!
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  • Align with local charities to reduce waste and benefit others
  • We can help with that!
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